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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The red/black/white batik miniature top
just needs a border ... I think.
Currently it's 11 1/2 inches X 15 1/2 inches.
Anyone know the correct "rules" for a miniature?
Will this piece qualify?


Exuberant Color said...

I read somewhere that it has to be miniature in construction (little blocks) not just a small size overall. This looks like it would qualify. Each contest has their own specifications for overall size.

I recognize a lot of those fabrics! It's really neat.

Anita said...

Julie, this piece is stunning. I meant to tell you that I saw some red and black batiks at the shop in Merrimon last week. Looks like you found plenty of lovely ones.

longbrakeliving said...

Julie, Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today! I do hope that you get to do Beth Moore's Esther dtudy -- it is really blessing me! Your work is absolutly stunning! Once upon a time (3 years ago) I started a baby-sized quilt. I have basted it, but all work has halted since then. You have an amazing talent to make so many beautiful and intricate pieces! I will definetly