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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

375th Post Give Away

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Please leave a comment to have
your name in the drawing for this fun
Wooden "Quilt" Pin.
Winner will be announced in
Thursday, October 15th post.


Martha Lever said...

ouuuu..I would love to have the pin!! Thanks, Julie!!

Carin said...

Julie that is really cool!

an encourager said...

A darling idea and pin!

The Chinchilla Family said...

Well I'm not really interested in the pin, since I'm not a quilter, but I do love your quilts especially our bed quilts (the single one and the double wide ! ) Just thought I'd leave you a note on here. Congrats on your 375 post too!

Julie in WA said...

Hi, I've stopped by with the Quilt Festival, and I was intrigued with your work and your "About Me". I will be checking out your blog over the next few days to see more of your work! I especially love your self portrait!

Lynne Almasy said...

Neat pin, did your husband make it? Also am shopping for a new sewing machine, and thoughts? Found my dream machine for $800, but budget is $300.

Мария Доричева said...

Wow! Nice meeting you. I am a mom of 3 boys and love Scripture too. I will look through your blog to see how you incorporate it in you craft!

Copper Patch said...

The pin is lovely.
I really like your Cobblestone quilt. The colours looks great.