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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Train Them Thoroughly

Works for me Wednesday is a site with lots of fun information. Here's my tidbit for this week's cleaning theme. We divided the responsibilities for the kitchen, living area and bathroom between all the family members who kept that job for a month. We have a job chart with Velcro pieces that move monthly. The kids got to name the responsibilities. Kitchen jobs were done daily (floor manager, pet manager, dish manager, cook, etc.) while Bathroom (sink,toilet,mirror, floor etc) and living area ( floor manager, dust manager, straightener, etc.) were done weekly. This trained them for their college and beyond days which their spouses are now thankful.


Tracey said...

I like the idea of using Velcro pieces to move jobs around on the chart. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Sloan said...

love the training! My son left for college doing his own laundry, dusting, cleaning bathroom and bed making...oh- and all expence money he earned this summer!