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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forgotten Treasure

All hand pieced batik fabric , this wall hanging was created for my daughter when she was a missionary to Paraguay.  It was just recently returned to her, as she is currently in the states.  Imagine my delight to see it again hanging on the wall in the room where I slept as I visited her this past week. The verse is in Spanish  to the right of the cross.  I  had forgotten this treasure of a piece and how much I liked it. 

Another all batik piece graced my daughter's dining area. 
Thanks for a wonderful visit Melanie and treasuring the creations I give you.


Mary Stori said...

Julie....the black and white binding on your daughter's batik piece was such an unexpected and very successful finishing choice......good job!!

Martha Lever said...

SO beautiful,,Julie! Both of them.