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Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Possibilities

My decision to retrieve art from a local gallery brings mixed emotions.  There’s sadness that the art didn’t do well in that venue and yet excitement that new possibilities are available.  So it is with these framed pieces.   As always, I pray God will use them for His glory wherever they reside.


PaperPumpkin said...

They are beautiful and filled with love.

Martha Lever said...

Yes, they are very beautiful, Julie. I love the simple designs and your choice of colors. And I really love the Love never fails quilt. The color combinations and patterns on that one is fabulous!

Jeannette said...

Many artists and gallery owners are feeling the crunch of this economy. I know you much realize that it is best to not let sales determine the value of your art.

Nina-Marie said...

First of all I would love to have these in my house - they're quite lovely. But yes I've heard it all over from all my fiber friends that art isn't selling well right now. Our house proves it - we haven't bought a new piece in forever - sigh!! I'm sure God will bless your work soon!