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Friday, April 8, 2016

April Art Daily - Day 8

If you look closely you can see the outline of  a smaller
No doubt, this is a challenge yet fun adventure as I seek to 
create daily within my parameters.
I will do a black embroidered outline with black
Seed stitching within.  
Head on over to April Art Daily 2016 on Facebook  to add your a photo and description of your creative art today.Comments and encouragement are welcome! Join the fun and invite your friends!
UPDATE -  Bird outline and legs are hand embroidered using a lazy daisy stitch,
 Seed stitch inside the bird while the eye is 4 Colonial knots.
 I forgot to mention that I hand painted the fabric and did batik on it.
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quiltedfabricart said...

April art daily? I'll go check it out - thank you :-)