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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Surface Design Group - Shiva Paint Sticks

Surface Design Group played with 
Shiva Paint Sticks this month. 
 I've seen demos yet this was my first time using them.
I used a friends hand made texture plate and a purple color on 
a hand dyed fabric where I wanted more purple. 
I also experimented on a commercial white on white fabric
hoping for a batik effect. 
I also experimented with cork letters (HOPE, LIFE)
my swirl stamps, rug canvas, gingko leaf texture plate,
hand made metal washer plate and a bathtub drain.
Through the fun I learned to look more decerningly for texture options,
I'm not sure I like that these take 3 days to dry yet after
washing  they are supposed to have a nice feel and be very stable. 
Who else has tried Shiva Paint Sticks. I'd enjoy to read your thoughts about them.
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