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Monday, September 22, 2008

Purple Preemie Quilt From "SCRAP" Bag

When cutting more 6 inch strips from my "scrap" bag this week, I realized that I had enough purples and creams to make a Preemie Quilt for the local Neonatal Unit. Now, I just need to get some flannel for the back.
On another note, I'm not so sure I like the term "scrap" bag. It brings up thoughts of something I really should toss. So I looked up "scrap" in the online Thesaurus and found "bit, chip, crumb, drop. fraction, fragment, grain, leftover, morsel, ort, piece, remnant, shred, snippet, speck, waste." Hmmmm, remnant isn't bad so I looked it up and found "ash, balance, crumb, dreg, end, fragment, leftover, ort, part, piece, portion, rag, relic, remainder, remains, residual, rump (LOL), scrap, shred, stub, trace, vestige." I'm still pondering this but am leaning toward "remnant". Any thoughts?


Anita said...

Definitely remnant. My remnants are some of my favorite treasures!

Love your cheerful preemie quilt, Julie.

I hope to see you at the FAA in Oct. Tomorrow is the first meeting of the Quilting Arts Alliance in Athens! (We already have a Fibercraft Guild and didn't want to step on any toes.)


Anita said...

Forgot to tell you about a wonderful blog I stumbled upon, . Betz felts and has yummy photos. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Brenda said...

Very pretty. But I still like scrap bag, it sounds old fashioned and quaint.

Melanie said...

I'm not really into fabric, as you know, I still have to sew just seams into the edges of my cupboard curtains, however, I think you should call it your remnant rag bag. Hahaha. That's a fun name.

Melanie said...

But that does sound like something dead. Hmm, maybe you should call them leftovers.