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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Happy Blooms Needs A Name

No photo description available.
I finished these Happy blooms and machine signed my name. 
Spring blooms are everywhere here, 
so cheerful and reminding of new beginnings. 
Title suggestions welcome.
 I plan to list this in my Etsy Shop $135/
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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Fabric Art Flowers Blooming

No photo description available.
Happy Tuesday! Here's an update on the 
Happy flower piece I started in the Live Video last rainy Thursday. 
No photo description available.
And, I finished a 4" x 6" piece from the remnants 
of the yellow flower already. 
Maybe I got ahead of myself but I'm thinking Mother's Day 
is coming very soon and I want to have some options
 for my clients to choose from to gift the motherly figures i
n their lives. I'll be posting more available pieces 
throughout the week.
 UPDATE - Yellow "Grace" bloom is SOLD.
Julie Bagamary Art For Sale
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Monday, April 27, 2020

"Grace" Is Ready For My Etsy Shop

No photo description available.
I finished "Grace" which was begun as part of an Art Challenge 
using a limited palate.
 I only used bits and pieces already waiting 
on my design wall from previous projects.
 Lots of hand embroidery, an organza dress and
 "Grace" is ready for my Etsy Shop. 
Mounted on a black 10" x 10" wood panel.
Julie Bagamary Art For Sale
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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Wash Your Hands | Art Quilt | What's In Your Hand?

No photo description available.
With all the awareness of "hands"....
"What's In Your Hand" is an assemblage of 26 different blocks honoring hands all created by hand work. Each hand formation has something unique to offer though embroidery, painting, stamping, applique, and embellishments. Notice the hand completely created of buttons honoring Sign Language, "I love you." Every hand reflects joy and tells a story.
Created during the online April Art Daily, the challenge to create a "hand" block daily using various approaches along with hand dyed or batik fabric took shape. Blogging daily of this adventure while not having a specific final plan became a discipline of joy and delight. Combining each block into this Modern Art Quilt was the perfect solution.
Completely hand quilted.
Artist, Author& Speaker Matt Tommey often asks, "What is In Your Hand?" meaning what has God already given you to work with?
Measuring 32" X 32" - Wooden hanger included upon request making it even easier and Ready to Hang. Available -
You can view details of each block recorded on my blog:
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Hand Stitching Equals Relaxation Time

No photo description available.

While I'm processing the Happy flowers pieces from yesterday, I
 switched back to this red and purple collage to add some hand stitching. 
Who else switches back and forth while processing?
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