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Friday, September 26, 2008


#3 #4

Just to be sure I had plenty of time, I checked out the deadline for submissions of an exhibit I am applying to yesterday. I THOUGHT it was Oct 30 which gave me a month more but it's Oct 3!!! YIKES.

So, I got busy and finished up #3 and #4 in the series. I plan to make 1 more - I hope. OH- and if #4 looks suspiciously similar to the piece I made for Collage Mania which 100% proceeds benefits American Cancer Society, it is!


StegArt said...

Don't you just hate when those deadlines creep up on you like that. Love both these pieces.

Regina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I like these pieces, especially the 2nd one. Leaves are one of my favorite motifs. In fact, tonight I doodled an idea for a painting that has similarities to the 2nd quilt. I thought that was interesting to come to you blog & see that.