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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Little Help

I started this piece today as an excercise in adding strips. It needs something - or some things. Any suggestions?


Anita said...

Julie, I love the layout of this piece. The off-center trees (?) are perfect. How about falling leaves, or a canopy of leaves that hangs over to the right, or rays of sunlight, or falling snow that has just started sticking to the ground.

I'm dragging my feet about opening an Etsy store, but may do so soon. I'll have a table at a sale this weekend, outdoors...brrrrr. Happy Thanksgiving!

StegArt said...

This is looking very much like an outdoor scene, as Anita suggested. Look at it for a day or two, I'm betting you'll know what to add soon.

Melanie said...

it needs a contrasting color. something a little brighter to be the focal point.