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Monday, March 21, 2011

Mail Art Class

Considering that I already mail out many colorful pieces of art using fabric and fiber, being gifted  a weekend class at John C. Campbell Folk School of Mail Art Class taught by Mr. Jeff Menzer 
was a treat.  This group project was later cut up to create large envelopes for mailing.

 I learned a bit about using watercolors and am looking forward to using this travel size kit more in the future.
We also practiced drawing with a ball point pen which means no erasing and keep moving.  It was quite freeing considering I am not a trained to draw.   Using envelopes is an inexpensive canvas and very practical too as they can potentially bring joy to the recepient.
Stay tuned.


Shirley said...

I am so envious! A class at John Campbell Folk School! I was just drooling at their web site in the past week. I could spend a small fortune there, but I don't guess I'll ever get to take one of their classes :(

I am liking this idea of mail art. I have another friend who does a lot of mail art, and I always enjoy seeing it. I think I'm inspired to do more of it myself!

Do you gesso your envelopes?

Julie Bagamary said...

Shirley (your comment came as a no reply)
My class was a gift - I'm so thankful!!
I've been stamping verses on enveolpes for many years so this class was mainly an extension for me.....TONS of fun. No guesso on the envelopes. Get started and play!!