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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Updated Bull's Eye Layout

Rearranging blocks to form a secondary design,
now I'm seeking options for the "plain" block
~ 3rd row 3rd over~
to feature a verse hand embroidered around the outer circle.
I'd appreciate other's perspectives.
I've almost ruled out the yellow block entirely.
Thoughts ....suggestions....please?


Jackie said...

I love it and I think it will be beautiful no matter which you choose as your option.

One Minnesota Quilter said...

What would happen if you used:
the blue swirly fabric at the bottom of the row that your bulls eye block is in?
3rd row from left, 4th down OR
the medium blue batik fabric that is on top of the block to the right next to the bulls eye?
4th row over, 3rd down
Both of those fabrics seem a little more subtle to the eye and don't quite jump out quite as much but one will still notice the bulls eye and the solitary block.
Just offering MHO and what I see on my screen....since you asked. Hope it helps

sosarahsew said...

Another option is similar to the top choice, but only use the one largest circle adding yout scripture there. Thanks for inspiration.

Sandy Ang said...

Such lovely work

Texas JennyWren said...