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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Red Batiks

I've completed piecing the background and machine appliqued the blue marble piece.

All batiks - of course.

One must love her son to use her favorite red batiks on his wall hanging.


lori vliegen said...

oh yes, a mother's love knows no boundaries...especially where favorite red batik fabrics are concerned! (hey, do these kids really understand the sacrifices we make for them?!!) :)

Jan said...

I too was going to comment on using a piece of one of your fabric batiks for your son's quilt but Lori beat me to it. Using it in his quilt will make it even more special. To answer Lori's question - they don't understand until they have kids of their own. I believe that is the way it's suppose to be and gives us an way to remind them of all those sacrifices we made LOL.