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Friday, October 12, 2018

Joel McKerrow, Poet @ Gathering Of Artisans 2018

I went to the worship service last night at
Gathering of Artisans.#GOA2018
Australian Poet, Joel McKerrow spoke and it was awesome. Risk was mentioned several times. At the end he gave us a prompt to write for 5 minutes without stopping the flow. The prompt was about being a landscape. .So I'm choosing to risk and share what I wrote. Prompt : If I were a landscape, what landscape would I be?  
I am Exchanged
 I am....colors of reds, greens, oranges, purples, blues and even browns all blending together carefully, masterfully, beautifully expressing God's beauty and wonder. Extending without bounds, spreading out further and further, reaching the sun. Fresh air, new life and glory abounding. Reaching to touch others and bringing light and joy and beauty to them without boundaries. Expressing real life, life as it was meant to be. Freedom, true expression of feeling every moment of joy and restoring hurts into a new story. Making new pathways from ruts. Forging ahead with new delight and purposefulness. Freedom.
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