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Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Circles

I'm sure I'm not the only one who prepares too much for a project. I completed this piece that was begun a long time ago just in time to enter it in the "all Hand" category for the Fair. I am "over" these bonus circles so if any one is interested in them let me know. If there's more than one, I'll draw a name.


Nina Marie said...

Hi - what a good idea to offer up your leftovers - that's one that I might steal (grin) - I'll take them and post what project I make from them. I was exploring circles this year at QBL and haven't gotten back to those ideas. Actually - the picture that you posted of the leftovers is really kinda interesting in itself! Hey have a blessed holiday!! thanks!

Patty said...

Hi, I love your work and would like to incorporate the circles to a project I've just started.

Gill said...

i'm from the uk - can i enter??!!

Patty said...

Hi Julie, I'd like to thank you for the circles. I haven't had a computer for awhile and never did get to thank you. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and filled with love.