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Monday, November 2, 2015

Julie Bagamary Art For Sale

 Vintage Charm Quilt  Art Wall Hanging - Charm Is Deceptive
 This rainy day is great for going through inventory
and adding Quilted Art pieces to my Etsy Shop.
I realized that some like this one was never added.
"Charm Is Deceptive"  - $200
was created by choosing Apple Core shaped vintage fabrics
 were selected randomly without planning to hand piece the next section while creating this tessellated true Charm Quilt.

A Charm quilt is a type of scrap quilt where no two fabrics are repeated.

Hand quilted in circular patterns to enhance the design.

Black with white dotted curved binding is a traditional edge to this type of Charm Quilt.

It also serves as an "I Spy" Quilt.

Hand signed by artist on label along with hanging sleeve.
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Linda M said...

I made an apple core quilt many years ago, seeing yours makes me want to dig it out again. It's my favorite type of charm quilt.

Kaja said...

Great title for a quilt! I like the old-fashioned feel to this.