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Friday, August 25, 2017

Binding Or Facing? "Call Her Blessed"

White buttons are planned for the vertical red strip on the skirt still.
But until then...
I'm vacillating between binding or facing this piece. 
If binding, darker on the light side and vice versa.
Would facing leave it too "open"?
Or maybe a thin scrappy binding?
Below is an uncropped photo on my black design wall.
Maybe black borders?  Suggestions?
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Linda Swanekamp said...

Very thin color scrappy binding?

Michelle said...

Well, since I'm not a fabric person so much, I'm not even for sure what facing means... lol I'm guessing meaning nothing around the edges? I do like the black, but I also like the above suggestion of using multicolors for edges. Would it be too much to have a thin line of colored edge within a black border? Might be the best of both worlds? I do think if the piece is to be hung by itself, rather than in a frame of some sort, a border would make it feel more finished.

Michelle said...

Oh, meant to say, I really like it. :)

Mari said...

A black border would be lovely, like a frame. Then you could bind it in black and it would disappear. It's already lovely! The buttons will be a nice touch, too.

Norma Schlager said...

I don't know how big it is. If it's small you could just put a black buttonhole stitch around the edges, like you did with the dress.

Julie Bagamary said...

Thanks for your input Michelle. Interesting
how the responses are so varied.
Oh- did you know your comment as a "no reply"?

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

Although I generally would vote for faced, this piece may call for a small binding. I think the straight black is a little too stark. A thin scrappy strip might work, but you might also want to pull out a single color,like making a thin strip of the same fabric as the red strip you are planning to put buttons on, and then finishing with a black binding.