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Monday, November 19, 2018

5 Reasons Why I Create Hand Made Ornaments

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Every year I create an unique ornament for each of my grandchildren
and a few extra to offer for sale. 
Why do I continue this tradition now that we have 12 grandchildren?
Here's my top 5 reasons:
1- Hand made ornaments are a piece of art anyone can afford. 
Even though time intensive, ornaments take less time to create than larger art
yet are so much fun to make!
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2 - Hand made ornaments become treasures for many years to come.
What a delight to open the ornament box each year to rediscover
 a hand made ornament from the past. 
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3- Hand made ornaments are once a year memento that does not require dusting .
Who likes to dust?  Not me!
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4 - Hand made ornaments can begin an original collection that can grow each year.
Imagine your Christmas tree full of original small art pieces 
that you collected annually.
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5  - Hand made ornaments offer a legacy of art to the next generation. 
Art is a powerful force that can bring joy and light to
your loved ones that outlive you.

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