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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Confetti Quilt Needs A Name

A group of Fiber Artists gathered recently
to try our hand at this technique - 
Confetti Quilts or Shredded Fabric Quilt.
We cut fabric remnants into tiny bits and began to create.
I admit, I made a similar composition as 
was in the example of flowers on a tree limb.
Once in place, we covered the fabric bits with
tulle, layered batting then quilted it with clear thread.
My borders are different sizes giving an offset orientation.
18 inches wide X 13 inches high.
What would you title this piece?
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Monday, September 11, 2017

Fall Leaf Trio

While I enjoy Summer with it's plentiful
fresh fruits and veggies, warm sunshine, outdoor swimming,
picnics etc., Fall has it's own set of delights.
As the weather cools and leaves are beginning to turn
glorious colors of purple, yellow and red, it's soup time,
apples with caramel dip, Festivals, hiking, etc.
"Fall Leaf Trio" is 3 Quilted Art Oak Leaves
hand sewn to an aqua & green painted 4 inch X 12 inch  canvas. 
It's available in my ETSY Shop.
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Friday, September 8, 2017

Auditioning Teal Borders - Too Bright?

Image may contain: stripes
I've been pondering how to brighten up this
palate from a workshop recently.
You can see it 
 straight from my workshop with Didi Salvatierra.
So, today when I saw this teal fabric in my stash,
I wondered, what if.....?
I may also add some other pops of color extending into the border.
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Progress Navy Improvisational Heart

No automatic alt text available.
Day 250 #ayearinstitches 
2 strands DMC - Navy Big Stitch in navy area &

 Buttonhole Stitch across the middle. 
Fuchsia Pistol Stitch near the bottom.
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Navy Improvisational Slow Stitching - Hand Dyed Heart

Image may contain: stripes
Using the extra stitched section from 
as a starting place 
and adding navy hand dyed borders,
I'm on to a new Quilted Art Stitched Heart. 
All 2 strands DMC - navy Cross Stitch & Feather Stitch.
 Back Stitch aqua & fushia flower with lime Colinial Knots center. 
Flower petals are light aqua hand painted.
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Completed - Imporvisational Quilted Heart With Flower

Image may contain: stripes
I am enjoying these quilted hearts to 
have space for some slow stitching. 
This one is ready to mount onto a 10 X 10 inch
black panel board.
All 2 strands -lime Seed Stitch on heart point-
 blue Seed Stitch on top right along with lime Chain Stitch.
 3 white buttons stitched with purple.
More about this composition here. 
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